About Accurate Always, the purveyors of furry little monsters and leading communications recording solutions

Accurate Always, based in the Silicon Valley, exists to help organizations capture, monitor, analyze and retrieve their vital call and video communications. Voxida, our communications recording solution, is used by healthcare call centers and hospitals, brokerages and banks, defense, aerospace and customer support centers, but it serves additional industries as well.

We're here to make your job easier, and in many cases help you increase profits, train staff, ensure quality and compliance and reduce liability. Not bad for a single Voxida solution, if we do say so ourselves.

Plus, Voxida is designed to play nice with others. It fits into your existing work-flow and telecom set up right away, and will continue to do so as you make changes or grow in the future.

Accurate Always is a woman-owned, ethics-driven business that focuses on changing the world, both in your call center and in our forests, as we undertake green technology initiatives. Learn more about our corporate responsibility and values.

You can also get the complete Accurate Always corporate story here or contact us to learn more.