Customer Haikus

Voxlets often fan artistic fires. Here are a few tasteful Haiku from customers and the Accurate Always team. Add your own at right, should a furry muse inspire you.

with Voxida I
prove I ordered onions
oh, stupid driver

prank calls are funny
although I wish they were not
recorded for all

dude, I am awesome
more of a call center god
thanks, sweet Voxida

whoa that is easy
to find the customer calls
which show we rock hard

support so fast i
almost get whiplash. awesome!
I get a weekend

what is the sound of
one hand clapping? beats us too
oh, to record it

never before have
seen a program so easy
to use in centers

does Voxida make me
look completely brilliant?
yes, yes, Grasshopper

do they really plan
to publish my haikus here?
I look good in print

never before have
I had such awesome power-
analytics, yes!

I can't believe that
a call recording tech co
works so hard for me

Accurate Always' staff
really go the extra mile
get me home on time

mitigate all risk
the roll-outs are without tears
poof! we now record

team Voxida can
get it all done painlessly
while we achieve more

I had no idea
how much we missed in client
calls now made stellar

I hear Voxida's folks
really plan for her future
no obsolescence