Much Adieu About Voxlets: Their Story

Once upon a time, in a Silicon Valley far, far away, a Voxida communications recording platform was sketched out on the proverbial (and, in this case, actual) back of a napkin in a coffee shop. Sweet Voxida was taken from napkin-to-market so fast that-- well-- it's lucky we weren't driving the company car when pulling those speeds. Voxida started recording for aerospace, defense, healthcare organizations and quality-focused call centers worldwide. But her creators hadn't planned for one thing, and one thing only: Voxlets!

All of a sudden things started to shift around the office. There were rumors of prank calls. Some cupcake crumbs where left on a certain marketing lead's desk, which she was not able to track back to the geeks that slept under it the night before. By the time Voxida's team figured it out, it was a full-blown manifestation. Some Voxlets even got eye patches and were declaring rights of parlay.

It was nuts but we listened to their demands. They wanted to travel, a close to bullet-proof house and lots and lots of processing power. They also wanted life to be easy, attractive and capturing all of their awesomeness. So, we crammed them into the Voxida systems and said "so-long!"

Since installing the furry, in the otherwise unfurry, Voxida operating systems in 2010, the Voxlets have been monitoring Voxida's system health, helping to optimize systems on-the-fly and making call center managers look good. Like, super model hot. As they let the Accurate Always team know if there's ever a hiccup by sending out Voxida Heartbeat notifications, or if we can better optimize Voxida to support a center's goals, 97% of all support tickets are resolved in 24 hours. Full stop.

So, if you haven't demoed Voxida yet, you really should. There might be a Voxlet in your future. As all Voxida systems are designed to have the useful life of a decade, you may also want to find out more about the care and feeding of your Voxlet. Contact us now to learn about call recording, quality monitoring, and why it's ok to feed them cupcakes after midnight (but never, ever, on the CMO's desk).