Why Voxida Got the Voxlet's Seal of Approval

Voxida is Accurate Always' call recording, monitoring and analysis offering. It's at work on five continents, serving diverse call centers and governmental organizations. How diverse? Check out some of our customers here to get a better idea of how agile Voxida is. And how trusted. (Of course, the Voxlets take all the credit, but they're humble like that.)

Voxida includes all the hardware and software you need to start recording and quality monitoring telephone, radio, intercom, turret and video communications today. As each Voxida system is tailored to your call center environment, staged and tested in our Silicon Valley facility, you can almost always be recording and monitoring your calls from the first day that Voxida is installed at your site. Additionally, all Voxida systems can scale up and out, so you can record a virtually unlimited number of extensions and calls in one or multiple sites. See the Voxida Hive offering if you have multiple call centers to learn more.

Voxida has quite the track record and the Voxlets vouch for us. And they do have a lot in common: Voxida is hand-made in the US, configurable to be a custom, perfect fit communications recording solution for center. Voxlets are likewise hatched, hand-tailored, briefed and ready to do your bidding, right out of the box. With love. And who doesn't need love? Want to learn more? Contact a Voxlet and the Voxida team now.